About Us

Who We Are!

TADEX Environmental Corporation is a fully integrated International Company servicing clients in Countries such as Canada, USA, Nigeria and Ghana. Fully equipped with professionals such as Environmental Scientist, Industrial Hygienists, Professional Engineers, Safety Professionals, Ergonomists and Engineers, we have the ability to take on your next project with ease. 

Our Core Values!

TADEX develops industry best practice and the promotion of technological and management solutions.


We are a team of invested leaders, with the goal of ensuring client satisfaction and environmental sustainability. With decades of education and practical knowledge, we have the ability to deliver high-quality and cost-effective solutions to our stakeholders and clients.


TADEX compries of a team that possesses diverse and complementary experience that includes field tested technical backgrounds.


Evaluating liabilities, identifying risks, building revenue streams and streamlining multiple regulatory mandates are combined into a single service for cost savings and compliance assurance.