We provide a wide range of Services as listed below.


Emission Management Services

- Methane emission detection.
- GHG Reduction
- Methane measurement and elimination.
- Infrared Emission Detection

Industrial Hygiene Consulting

- Qualitative and Quantitative Assessments
- Asbestos Surveys and Air Monitoring.
- Chemical and Dust Exposure Monitoring and Assessments
- Indoor Air Quality/Mold/Moisture Assessments.
- Ergonomic Assessments.
- Lead Paint Surveys/Air Monitoring.
- Mold Surveys and Air Monitoring.
- Legionella Bacteria Testing.
- Compliance Assessments.
- IH Turnaround and Maintenance Support.


- Tailings Management.
- Water and Soil Sampling.
- Hydrogeology.
- Hydrology.
- GIS/ Remote Sensing.
- Bird Monitoring.
- Fish and Wildlife.
- Environmental Impact Assessment and Remediation
- ISO 14001 Implementation

Audiometric Testing

Respirator Fit Testing

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Tadex Environmental is a fully integrated Canadian consulting company that consist of Environmental Scientists, Geologists, Safety Specialists, and Industrial Hygienists with over 10 years’ of experience.

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